The Four Restaurants of Hotel Bonalba

At Hotel Bonalba we offer our guests a range of restaurant options, all boasting delicious and fresh Mediterranean food.


It’s a massive part of Spanish culture and history, so we’re proud to offer not just an amazing selection of different foods for you to try at home with us, but to give you every possible way of enjoying that food, whether you want a light snack, a full dining experience, or something more intimate.


The Cafeteria Lounge


restaurant cafeteria coffee tea dining


The best selection of coffees, teas and mixed drinks to enjoy on the terrace or indoors. With Internet connection service and views of the tropical garden. It’s the perfect place to make a stop during a busy day, or to wind down after a filling lunch. With stunning views and easy internet access, you’ll find yourself happily unwinding here for hours!


Buffet Restaurant Alicante


Spanish food tapas buffet restaurant hotel

The best gastronomy with Show Cooking and a wide variety of flavours to enjoy with family or friends.

We offer buffet-style restaurants with themed dinners, a wide variety of local plates and desserts, and seating options for any number of guests, from singles to large groups!

This is the ideal choice for large families or parties looking to share some hearty, delicious meals (and a culinary show) together in one place!

Restaurant Cervantes


restaurant food seafood dining Spanish cuisine five star


From locally sourced fish to decadent tapas selections, you’ll be experiencing authentic Spanish food in a beautiful location, easily accessible from your room or suite at Hotel Bonalba.


It’s regal, decadent and oh-so-fancy, you’ll be enjoying the finest of our local Spanish cuisine, which is perfect for a date, quaint family dinner, and more!

In short, there’s no shortage of dining options when you stay with us!


And if you’re interested in making your next Mediterranean escape a reality, then click below to find out how to book your next trip, with wining and dining included!