Our top 3 list of activities for this charming, hilltop town!

Cobbled streets, quaint cafes, stunning sea vistas, and bleached white buildings. It's a tranquil town getaway, in the heart of Valencia...

Altea is one of the quieter, more laid back delights of Southern Spain. Resting upon a hilltop overlooking the famed Costa Blanca, it’s a place that everyone looking for a slower, more cultured day should take advantage of. Cafes, churches, historical sites and even a plaza of fantastic restaurants, you’ll be hard-pressed to not find something for you or your family in this town!


Below are the top three things our guests at Hotel Bonalba love to do in Altea, while staying with us!

Walk through the cobbled streets

Nearly every street, corner and house in this town evokes the idyllic essence of the Mediterranean. With bleach-white houses, small verandas, and the various churches and towers filling the skyline, many of our guests have found that the simple act of walking through the streets has been an absolute delight!


Some top tips would be to get there early. You can pick up a small coffee and pastry, then start wandering through the streets. With a wide range of shops, galleries, and boutiques, it’s a fantastic place to pick up a memento or two from your trip, or simply to window shop to your heart’s content!


And with an early start, especially in peak months, you’ll avoid the occasional swell of crowds or other tourists that tend to pop up around Midday.

Climb the top of the hill for Nuestra Senora del Consuelo

If visiting a traditional Spanish church is on your list of “to-do’s” while you’re staying with us, it doesn’t get much better than Nuestra Senora del Consuelo.
Situated at the very top of Altea’s hilltop, it will be constant landmark while you wander the streets and can be easily found and visited during your day-stay!

Nicknamed, “the lighthouse of Altea”, the church features stunning domed roofs, with mosaic-like tiles around them and that’s just on the outside.
Inside the church, you’ll find a stunning masterwork of architecture; gold-lined walls, pearl buttresses and a particularly grandiose altar. Whether you’re religious or not, it’s a beautiful, atmospheric landmark that everyone can appreciate!

Wander down to Altea beach

Is there really any Spanish day-trip, holiday or visit that you won’t need to pack a pair of trunks and a towel for?
Altea is no different – and although the town itself is situated on a hill, it’s a brief wander down from the town centre to a beautiful beach right on the Costa Blanca!

It can be easily located from the town itself, and features a variety of classic, seaside restaurants and bars behind it. If you’re planning on spending the entire day in the town, this is a fantastic way to spend the hotter part of the day, sunning yourself in the Mediterranean heat, and cooling off in the turquoise waters!

How to get there from Hotel Bonalba

While Altea is one of the most beautiful locations to visit while you stay with us, we do recommend hiring or travelling to it by car. With public transportation, reaching the city can take as long as 3 hours, however by private vehicle, you can reach the town in just 30 minutes.

Our staff are on call to assist you in finding your way there, and taxis or private hire vehicles can be arranged directly with us while you stay, to and from Altea. So, if you’re looking for your next quaint town getaway, just click below to see what rooms we currently have on offer!