The Top 5 Children’s Activities in Near Hotel Bonalba

We see thousands of families stay at our resorts every year, and one of the delights of our location is that you’re never short of ways to entertain your kids while you stay with us!


Families who stay with us at Hotel Bonalba will be able to enjoy a variety of amazing activities in and around our beautiful resort. While there is plenty to do while you’re at the hotel, from visiting our spa for a swim, dipping in the outdoor pool, or having us treat your children to a variety of kid-friendly activities, there are plenty of spots in the local area that are perfect for a family outing!


The Castillo De Santa Barbara



Perched on a hillside, this historic 16th-century castle and fortress overlooks the town of Alicante. It’s a place of deep cultural significance to the town and wider region of Valencia. The castle was a vital fortress during a variety of conflicts and governing takeovers in the area, and has been now turned into a fantastic historical sight with many of the original features of the castle being preserved.


You’ll be able to show an amazing view of the coastal region that lies just beyond the town of Alicante and the town itself, while the Castillo offers walking tours, historical guides and the ability to explore everything from the preserved turrets to the fortress walls and bridges!


Guadalest Town & Valley



Another high-seated gem of the region, this mountainside town and historical sight overlooks a beautiful, aquamarine glacial lake and the rolling steppes of the Valencia region. The town itself is rich in local history and features a charming church, museum and a fine selection of local eateries featuring Spanish delights and family favourites like chips, burgers and more!


It’s also a fun family activity getting there, as the sloping mountain route features a variety of local shops and tourist spots, including several vantage points where you can stop to take a group picture, enjoy a packed lunch or stop for a cool drink!


Ride The Alicante Tram to San Juan




There isn’t much more of a popular family outing than to enjoy a day at the beach – and Playa de San Juan is easily one of the most famous strips of sandy beach available in the region. It’s made all the more easy to access directly from the town by taking the local tram directly from the city centre.

This charming form of public transportation offers stunning views of the coastline running from Alicante to San Juan’s beach and it’s only a 20 minute ride to get there!


At the beach, you can enjoy a variety of local restaurants and bars that are family-friendly, enjoy some of the public slides and diving points, as well as all the fun activities that come with sandy beaches, waves and sun!



Visit The Museum de Hogueras



Every year in Alicante, similar to Guy Fawkes Night in the United Kingdom, there is a fantastic local tradition where various effigies, statues and other sculptures are built and then burned on a pyre. However, each year the locals will select several outstanding designs from the entries that are immortalized at the Museum de Hogueras. From statues of Thor, to cartoonish depictions of the Sun and Stars, it’s an eccentric but quirky hotspot that many of our guests visit each year.


The museum itself also hosts a short video explaining the history of the wider tradition and each sculpture tells its own story of the quirky, alternative and unique culture of the Alicante people.

Eat out at Passeig Esplanada d’Espanya



This strip of charming restaurants is decorated with Mediterranean palm trees, local performers, and flanked by both the sea and ports on one side and a wide array of dining options on the other. Many of our guests find it to be the perfect way to round off their stay with us, by treating the entire family to an authentic evening out in town and dining at one of the local restaurants.


From here, you can easily walk down many of the charming little side streets together to visit some of the local shops and pick up any souvenirs from your stay, or watch the sunset over the port in the evening. In short, it’s the perfect way to treat your family to a decadent day out, and sample some amazing Alicante delights in the heart of the city!

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