The Hotel Bonalba Wellness & Beauty Center

“A heated pool, skincare treatments, a steam room and sauna, massage therapies…”

You’ll find all of these and more at Hotel Bonalba’s Wellness and Beauty Center – our premium, inclusive Spa found right inside our lovely hotel!

We know that one of the most important parts of a holiday is the opportunity to take some time for yourself, to unwind, destress, and get some “you” time.

As part of our stay, you’ll have exclusive access to Hotel Bonalba’s Wellness and Beauty Center, and its range of amenities, to enjoy some genuine down-time at a pace that suits you.

Whether you want a break from a day at the beach, or want to detox from a night on the town, there’s something for everyone at our Wellness and Beauty Center.

The Heated Pool

If you enjoy soaking in warm waters and getting a few laps in while you’re at it, our luxury pool is perfect for you.

The water is maintained by our dedicated team of staff to remain at optimum temperatures and hygiene levels. The pool also comes equipped with high pressure jets for hydromassage, allowing you to receive well-needed muscle therapy while letting your pores open up in the warm waters.

But that’s not all, we also have our own Turkish Bath, featuring aromatic steam therapy, and showers. So whatever water-related relaxation you’re craving, we’ve got you covered!

The sauna

Saunas are the perfect form of therapy both for your mind and your body. Our dedicated spa allows you to swelter in the perfect, steamy temperatures.

Saunas have a variety of benefits, such as providing deep muscle relaxation, filtration of toxins out of the body, and a sense of calm and energy once you’ve spent some time sweating.

If you want to feel the heat (without heading to the beach of course), then this is the perfect experience for you!

Massage Therapy

Our specialised team of massage therapists are some of the best in the region and trained in a variety of massage techniques that can be enjoyed individually, a la carte, or in any way you desire!

You’ll enjoy amazing benefits like reductions in stiffness, soreness and fatigue, while getting some dedicated hours of “you time” to unwind, center your mind, and enjoy another side of your Mediterranean getaway.

After therapy cocktails

Nothing beats the taste of a cool, flavourful cocktail right after a swim, sauna or massage. Our in-hotel bars features a variety of cocktails, wines, beers and more for you to enjoy right after your stay in our wellness center.

Plus, as we have multiple venues, you can get a fresh drink and a fresh experience each time you decide to visit!

Get a package

If you want a true spa and wellness experience, hand-crafted by experts in our team, you could do worse than by booking a trip to Hotel Bonalba with an all inclusive spa experience.

It’s truly a holiday on your terms, and we’ll use our expert guidance and support to make it a trip that truly helps you unwind!