Five Activities To Do Around Hotel Bonalba

“Hotel Bonalba is situated on one of the most luscious parts of South-Eastern Spanish coastline, sandwiched between fast-paced cities that are ideal for clubbing, and nestled against beautiful landscapes that are just waiting to be explored…”

In this article, we’re going to go over our top five recommendations for activities you can do around the hotel to make the most of your stay with us!


Valencia is home to some of the most stunning and enjoyable golf courses in the region (and that’s not even including our own dedicated golf course!).

Just a short twenty minute drive to the west is Alenda Golf Course, famous for its beautiful, green courses, driving ranges and challenging holes!

If you’re an avid golfer, looking to try as many courses as you can while you stay with us, you could do worse than heading to this amazing range.

And if you’re looking for a dedicated range day, Academia Golf, Pitch and Putt is just down the road, meaning whether you want to golf locally or in the area, there’s every variety of putting, driving and wedging available to you!

Visit the coast

It wouldn’t be a Mediterranean holiday without a day at the beach. Luckily, outside of our own wellness spa and private pools, we’re just a ten minute drive (fifteen minutes by public transport) away from some of Valencia’s best public beaches, like San Juan Playa and Cala Coveta Fuma, which offer you a mixture of stone beaches, sand, pebble and even ones that feature diving points.

All these beaches are managed by public lifeguards, meaning you can enjoy a safe, fun and sunny day out with the family – with complete peace of mind.

What’s more, you won’t be short of eating spots when you head out, as all the beaches feature charming eateries, restaurants and bars for you to wine and dine at before, during or after hitting the waves!

Beautiful local restaurants

If you’re a real “foodie”, you can sample some of the region’s finest cuisines in the local area easily and quickly.

Hotel Bonalba itself features a stunning selection of restaurants and bars within the hotel, but if you’d like to venture further afield, you can enjoy delicate, local delights in places like Villajoyosa, sampling tapas, Spanish wine and desserts – all only a few minutes away from the hotel!

And if you want to really sate your appetite, you could do worst than by visiting Alicante, just a short 15 minute drive west. There are a variety of Italian, Spanish and other international cuisines lined up on the quayside area of the town.

You’ll be able to satisfy any craving and expand your palette with some local delights, while enjoying the beautiful, rustic architecture and evening vistas that the town offers!

Hike the local trails

Looking to get some exercise in and explore the unique, arid terrain of Southern Spain? You could do worse than by following some of the gorgeous hiking trails available in the local region. One of our personal favourites, particularly as a Valencia is a coastal region, is the Altar del Solsticio trail, which runs along the coastline from Alicante, all the way to Benidorm (if you can manage the distance that is).

It’s perfect for beginners and veterans alike, as you’ll be able to find easy stopping points at restaurants and bars along the way, or break your hike up into smaller trails that you can complete throughout your stay with us!

All while seeing some of the best cities, towns and villages our coastline has to offer, too!

Keep it Bonalba

We designed Hotel Bonalba to be an all inclusive getaway experience, and that means we’ve provided all the best activities directly in our hotel. Whether you want to take a quick dip in our luxurious selection of pools, enjoy a day on the course at our dedicated Bonalba golf course, or sample some authentic Spanish cuisine, you can do it all in and around Hotel Bonalba itself!

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